Alfa, female, out of Regun Kimbo & Regun Jetta

Champion In Beauty of Croatia, Slovenia, BiH, Grand Champion BiH, Croatian Junior Champion, Crufts 2020: 2nd prize in Open Class

Alfa - D. O. B. 3. 2. 2017. HR 10590 LAG

Hips A/A elbows 0/0

Regun Kimbo

Cacao (Scalini S.)

Lacky (Scalini S.)

Asia (Marchese

Musa della Cascinetta

Peter (Nardi P.)

Giada della Cascinetta

Regun JettaZeus (Foianesi)

Demon della Cascinetta

Cora (Foianesi)

Carlotta di Villa Federici

Tartufo delle Farnie

Penelope (Bartolini)

AnimaLabs DNA test certificate:

Test: Wire Hair in Dog – Wh Locus
Results summary:
Gene Variant 167bp

Inheritance Zygosity Detection method

RSPO2 Detected Autosomal dominant Homozygous PCR

I nterpretation: An animal that is homozygous for RSPO2 167bp insertion has furnishing. All of its offspring will inherit allele for furnishing from this parent.

Test: Lysosomal Storage Disease Lagotto Romagnolo type (LSD)
Results summary:
Gene Variant c.1288G>A Inheritance Zygosity Detection method
ATG4D Not detected Autosomal recessive Homozygous Sequencing

Interpretation: An animal that is homozygous with a pair of normal alleles is healthy. None of its offspring will inherit the allele for the disease from this parent.

Test: Benign Familial Juvenile Epilepsy Lagotto Romagnolo Type (BFJE)

Interpretation: An animal with hereozygous genotype is healthy carrier of mutation for a genetic disease caused by a pair of recessive alleles. The offspring of a heterozygous carrier of a genetic disorder have a 50% chance of intheriting the allele associated with the disorder from this parent. 

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